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Post by Flammeous on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:04 pm

Greetings and Blessings,

First and foremost, I do love your video's and all that you ladies have accomplished in this new world of technology.

My screen name Flammeous means to resemble a flame.  I resonate a lot with fire - passion actually.  As I do have a lot of subjects and interests in which I feel passionately about, that sometimes I can spontaneously combust. Also, just because I love the light of a candle flame or bonfire.

I've been married for 12 yrs, but with the old man for a grand total of 17 yrs.  We have two beautiful daughter's - 10 1/2 months apart.  Right now they are both 12, until the oldest walks pass the threshold in becoming an official "teenager" here in a few weeks.   What a Face 

I was raised Lutheran, but gotten into the occult in my late teens, due to many psychic experiences I had as a child.  Albeit, much of it was a bit over my head, for my understanding.  I soon met my now husband in my early 20's, who is from Jamaica, and a Rasta.  Long story short, I soon thereafter began to walk the path of Rastafari with my husband for many years.  I, myself am Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and German.

I went "seeking" for answers after having my second child, when I started observing that this little girl of mine, was exhibiting some very uncanny abilities.  Which at the same time I was having heighten experiences of my own.  I fluttered through many things over the years to finally come to some spiritual, magical place that I could call home, and I found refuge in Hoodoo and Kemetism.

Most of my learning as been online, and through books.  Interaction with other witches, pagans and spiritual people have been through forums.  I've been studying the craft, for a very long time.  10 yrs, (gasp!) I'm sure of. Embarassed I've also been guided by an ancestral spirit to this path and on this path - my husband's father.

I haven't quite 'outted' myself to the other half yet.  I do believe he DOES have a clue, though.  He makes jokes, calling me witchy woman, or Obeah, when I'm concocting some of my herbal remedies in the kitchen. Wink
Which doesn't upset me one bit.  I just laugh and say "You say that like it's a bad thing" and smile. Then he just laughs with me.  But I do talk to him about things, little by little.  I think it's better to ease people into understanding, than to drop a big bombshell on them (coming from the other person's point of view, this is how it feels like).  It was nice one day to hear him come to the conclusion all on his own, that if he has a Father God, than why shouldn't he have a Mother God/dess as well.  I simply smiled.

Right now, I'm finding what my magick is.  Potion master, herbalist seems about right.  As I really enjoy creating formula's for incense, oil and powders, for magikal or health purposes.  I'm intricate when formulating, and sneaky with their deployment. Wink The best thing ever said to me was "Hidden in plan sight".  That's how I would describe my magick so far.  

Also, I'm pretty good at working my magick online.  I'm very familiar with forumotion, web design and photoshop.  If interested, just shoot me a line anytime.  I work nights.

Thank you for having me here, and for reading.

Blessings Always....

- Flammeous

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Post by Cassie on Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:04 am

Nice to meet you! Understanding past "psychic" or intuitive experiences is where I am at right now in my path. I do get "hits" on things but I am trying to focus myself where I can read energies more at will. So if you are ever up for talking about that sort of thing I'd love to chat. =) I agree with easing people into what you do, for some it can be a big change in perspective for them.

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