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Help Me Interpret Please

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Is this Fear, insecurity, or a warning?

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Help Me Interpret Please

Post by ladyinred13 on Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:03 am

No So Ive had this dream that I am not sure how to interpret and hope that someone may be able to assist me.

In my dream I was in what appeared to be my neighborhood with slight alterations. I ran into the woman my fiance cheated on me with (the affair happened a year ago while I was pregnant). She was with her children then they disappeared and I remember beating her up really badly. Her face was swollen and bruised. A flash occcured and the police were searching for me. I took refuge at my fiances house where shortly after two different women aside from the one I beat up appeared outside of his home in a rage about him cheating on them. One of the women said they were engaged. Immediately I was ready to go when he said, you cant leave because you cant do this alone (in the dream he couldve been referring to me fleeing from the cops but in waking life could have other meaning?) And I then told him, I dont care. Ill do it alone as I cried and left, thats when I woke up.

Background info is usually helpful so:
We decided to reconcile after I gave birth. Its been hard as one might imagine to forgive. There has also been one other woman he saw while we were seperated that he has admitted to but I do not know who she is, where she is from or anything for that matter aside from the fact he was also sleeping with her. He refuses to tell me anything more. We do not live together (I have a number of reasons for not having made this decision again.) Some days are good and some are bad. We recently had a disagreement about me having the passwords to his phone logs and/or email for the sake of my comfort (as this is how I uncovered the affairs) and he is adamant about me not having it.

I am not sure if this dream may be related to a FEAR or if it is a clear WARNING sign that something is up. I would love to know what witchy sisters may have in mind.


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